Sunday, May 21, 2017

Brew-Boss 240V Electric Brewery Controller Version 2.0

Brew Boss Electric Brewer Controller ver. 2.0


Brew-Boss V2.0 electric brewing controller. This option is for those that already have a gas based brewing system and want to convert to the benefits of electric brewing or want to create their own electric brewery.

This newly designed controller replaces our previous controller. It includes the following features:

● Molded L6-30P Twist Lock Plug with 15’ power cord.
● L6-30R Receptacle for the heater. This allows longer length cables to be used for connecting to the heater.
● New 20 character x 4 line Backlit LCD provides more information on the Controller. Especially nice for fermentation mode.
● Integrated wifi radio for connection to the Brew-Boss Android tablet app.
● Front mounted outlet for the pump (controlled by app) and “always on” outlet for the tablet charger.
● Front mounted temperature probe jack.
● Can be wall mounted or simply placed on a table or work surface.
● Universal voltage 208-2540VAC) works in most countries. No 120 volt power cord required.
● Waterproof master switch is front mounted for easier access.
● Custom designed DUAL SSR for reliable heater and pump operation.

This controller requires a 208-240 Volt 30 Amp circuit with a GFI breaker installed to operate. A digital temperature probe is included with this controller. The controller is shipped with a L6-30R twist lock receptacle for a heater that mates to the Brew-Boss integrated elements. If you have a different heater, you can simply add a L6-30P plug to your heater. The L6-30R connector provided also matches the Blichmann Engineering Boil-Coil.

If you desire a complete system, please see our other listings for complete systems.

The base price for this item is for the Brew-Boss Controller and temperature probe only.

You will need a 7" or larger screen Android Tablet to run the Brew-Boss app on. We offer options for a 10" Android Tablet, or you can supply your own, but it must have a screen size of at least 7" (will not work on Android Phones!). If you purchase from us, we'll install the Brew-Boss application for you. Now with the ANDY Android emulator, you can use your Windows or MAC Laptop or PC to run the Brew-Boss Android App! If you prefer that option, simply select No Tablet when configuring your system.

We price it this way as many customers purchase just the controller or just the controller and heater to convert their gas systems to electric. If you are installing this onto your own kettle, you will also need to add the weldless direct connect temperature probe adapter if you don't already have a thermowell on your kettle. 

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