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Brew Boss: Stainless Steel Accessory Port Mounted Swirl-Boss Whirlpool Wand

Stainless Steel Accessory Port Mounted Swirl-Boss Whirlpool Wand

The Swirl-Boss Whirlpool Wand is an innovative device that creates a very fast whirlpool in your wort, using only the standard pump supplied with the Brew-Boss system. A special laser cut Flow Matched “E” Nozzle Design Directs Water Jets Along Kettle Wall and Inward at the Proper Angle to Optimize Whirlpool Rotation. This provides the fastest whirlpool rotation speed available. Whirlpooling is important to perform as it creates the magic “Hops Cone” in the middle of your kettle so you can transfer your wort to the fermenter free of hops trub. Because all the hops and other trub are forced to the middle of the kettle, transferring your wort to the fermenter via the valve on the outside of the kettle grabs clean wort, leaving the trub behind. Attach the Swirl-Boss to the accessory port on your Brew-Boss kettle and turn the pump on. In just a few minutes, the magic Hops Cone will be created

This version of the Swirl-Boss is designed to connect directly to the accessory port on the Brew-Boss Kettle. It is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and is CNC bent to allow a simple mounting arrangement. The threaded section is tig welded. This unit will last a lifetime! A female "High Flow" Camlock attaches to the male Camlock of the Brew-Boss accessory port. If you want to use the Swirl-Boss with your Brew-Boss system, this is the version you want. This item works on Brew-Boss 15 and 20 gallon kettles only. It is 16 inches long and will not work in 10 gallon kettles. Please be certain that you have at least 16.5 inches of distance between the accessory port and the bottom of the kettle.

NOTE: If you don't own a Brew-Boss kettle, and want to use this device, you need to also purchase our Value Accessory Port for your kettle. The Value Accessory Port allows you to easily connect a hose to the outside of your kettle. Installation of the accessory port requires drilling a 7/8" diameter hole near the top of your kettle.

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Brew Boss Review on American Hombrewers Association Forum

This is my review of the Brew-Boss system I purchased in late 2015

Some background:
I am the 2014 AHA Homebrewer of the year and am in the process of opening my own brewery. It is a nano-brewery with a tasting room and I wanted a small pilot system that was electric and automated. I did all the research and I selected the Brew-Boss system, with a COFI filter and hops boss in the 20 gallon size. The purpose of this review is to share what I have learned. I was previously a BIAB brewer (5 gallon batch) so it was a complete surprise :-)

First let me say that I was completely impressed with the equipment when it arrived. The packaging was precise and well executed! No damage, nothing missing, and easy to unpack. Set up followed the instructions well and the only issue I had was finding a table the height I needed. I eventually went to a used restaurant supply and bought a 2’ x 4’ stainless table. Cut the legs down, cleaned it up and that was that.

I had a GFI Outlet already so wiring was easy. The tablet came pre-configured so once I figured out how to use it(I’m an iPad guy so Android was —ummm— different) I was ready.

The water test:
I confess that I was a tad worried so I actually did the water test before brewing. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Everything went smoothly and I was surprised when the tablet voice prompted me. I would prefer a different voice (maybe Scarlett Johansen) but it was still cool.

The Software:
For my first batch, I decided to make 15 gallons of Way Off Kilter, a Scottish Ale that won BOS in 2014. I make this beer a lot in different ways (BIAB, conventional and a collaboration with a local brewery in 10 BBL lots) so I felt that it would be a good test to start.

I up-scaled my recipe using Beersmith and then programmed the software with my recipe. I opened an existing program and did a “save as” then modified the steps. Honestly, I had a couple of issues (see iPad note above) and had to ask Darrin to help. He was prompt with his response, and solved my issues immediately. Now after 5 brew days, I finally understand what is going on in the software. The problems I had were caused by me not thinking in an automated way, but in a conventional way. By batch three everything started to fall into place.

The features I like (a lot) about the software are (in no particular order):
• The boil is automatically maintained at the temperature I want.
• voice prompts along the way
• automated hop additions with the hops boss - this was always an issue for me, I’d get distracted and miss the addition.
• Did I mention she talks to me?
• Recipe programs can be saved and reused.
• I wrote a “cleanup” program for cleaning the kettle, pump and lines - heats up some water - tells me to add PBW - then recirculates through all the hoses! It’s sweet…

The features I struggled with were:
• The programming steps require a lot of attention to detail. there are a lot of settings and you have to be sure you set each flag for each step to do what you want it to do.
• The window that you “type into” is a little awkward on the last line or two… I figured it out, but at first it caused me some issues.

The Hardware:
In addition to the controller and the 20 gallon kettle, I also purchased the COFI Filter, the Hops-Boss, and the Swirl-Boss whirl pooling wand.

Kettle: Well made, good welds, clean. No issues at all and it seemed heavy.

Element: Mounts to the kettle with a TC Clamp and plugs into the controller. Well made - be sure to keep it clean!

COFI Filter: This is a stainless mesh cylinder with a center copper pipe that forced water (then wort) into the grain while the mash recirculates. Once mashing is complete, you thread on a lifting ring and hoist the COFI out of the kettle. I actually think its way better than BIAB except you can’t add dark grains at the end of the mash. If you do that on a regular basis, you need to find an alternative method as you can’t easily open the COFI Filter to insert the grains. I have made a cold tea of the dark grains that worked quite well when I add it at the end of the mash in. I also tried a batch where I put the dark grains in on the top and found that worked as well. I suspect that there is an optimal way to avoid dark grain astringency and I will continue to experiment.

Hops Boss: Oh man this is a cool idea! You mount the hops boss after you pull the COFI or BIAB and load the little tubes with hops, whirl flock, or whatever. The software tells it when to advance and the hops just slide right in! You only have 7 tubes but you can load them up more than once. Takes all the “crap - I missed the alarm” out of brewing. Very well made and easy to take apart to clean.

Swirl-Boss: OK I was skeptical about this one. It’s a copper pipe with a funny hole in the end. And the whirlpool is supposed to be done in hot wort allowing air to enter! Crazy stuff- right? Having said that - I did that exactly on my test batch of Scottish Ale and can report the following”
• The cone of hot break and true was beautiful! I never before got whirl pooling to work so well as it did.
• The tablet reminded me not only to mount the swirl-boss but to open certain valves. The software took it from there!
• There was no difference in taste between hot side aeration with the swirl boss and the way I did it before! I saved time and no carboy shaking either!

Support: Honestly, the most important thing to me is support. I want someone to talk to who can answer my questions. At the same time, I want to be able to develop my own solutions. Darrin was there for me and provided concrete solutions and advise.

Conclusion: This is a great solution for me! I can repeatedly brew small batches, try out recipes before going to the main system while having repeatable steps, and do other things while the software ( I really need to give her a name) keeps track of everything. I recommend Brew-Boss to anyone seeking an electric brewing system with automation.

Robert Hilferding
Founder Zephyrhills Brewing Company.

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Fill-Boss is the first "Automated" counter pressure bottle filler that is affordable enough to be purchased by home brewers but strong and fast enough to be used by nano and micro brewery operations as well. It is built like a tank from laser cut and formed 12 gauge 304 stainless steel. Fill-Boss is microprocessor controlled, so it fills bottles and growlers to exactly the right level every time, just by pressing one button! The simple design can be used for nano and microbrewery operations as well as brew-pubs that want to add inexpensive bottling and growler filling to their operations.

The innovative spring loaded adjustment system can adjust to most bottle sizes, including 1.5l wine bottles and growlers!

  • Spill free automated counter pressure filling.
  • Handles bottles from 8 to 14 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter.
  • Maximum fill pressure is 30 psi for standard beer/wine bottles. Max pressure is lower for growlers and other vessels with larger openings.
  • Handles bottles with openings from 0.75" to 1.25" with supplied silicone bottle seal (larger sizes with standard drilled rubber stoppers - not included see description below)
  • Bottle non-carbonated or fully carbonated beverages from 5 Gallon Cornelius Kegs (Cornelius Keg, CO2 tank, and regulator required but not included) or from your brite tank or other storage vessel. (Note: This device does not actually carbonate your beverage. It allows you to fill bottles and growlers with a carbonated beverage with minimal foaming or losing carbonation)
  • Programmable Fill Speed.
  • Includes Ball Lock connectors and tubing for Ball-Lock Cornelius kegs or 1/4" NPT Threaded Quick Connect fittings for connecting to other vessels.
Contact us for special connections for Sanke Kegs and Brite Tanks. We will find a way to connect to your vessel!

We've received calls from a prospective customers asking "what is wrong with these units?" Why are they 1/3 the cost of other automatic fillers? The reason Fill-Boss is less costly than other options is that it was designed from the ground up to be an affordable and reliable filler. We use the Fill-Boss in our brew-on-premise operation daily and it has never hiccuped! One Fill-Boss commercial customer reports a 3-1/2 day payback when he switched to Fill-Boss! Yes, it is for real!

Most commercial operations use multiple fillers connected in parallel. Many people ask what the fill rate is. Unfortunately this is impossible to accurately predict as it depends on the carbonation level of the beverage, the type of beverage, and the pressure required for dispensing. One customer using two machines reported that they can clean, fill, and label a case every 10 min and essentially keep up with two machines. This is for a 22 oz bottle size, 12 bottle cases, filling beer. We've use the fillers at our Brew on Premise operation and have found that it takes 2 people about 25 minutes to bottle 2 cases of 12 ounce bottles (24 bottle cases) with 2 fillers. Your results may vary. We highly recommend at least two units for commercial operations.

There are several connection options to allow you to use the Fill-Boss with various beverage vessels. The Fill-Boss requires two connections, one for the CO2 (gas) supply and the other for the beverage. It is important that the pressure on the gas line match the pressure in the beverage vessel.

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Brew Boss - Happy Customer Email

We love these emails from our customers:

"I tell everyone about how happy I am. This thing is amazing. I am a new brewer tonight will be my 4th brew. My second one, a buddy, who has been brewing semi-professionally for over 30 years, said my second beer needs to be submitted for judging. 5 step mash and he said. 'there is no way you could do that on anything but a brewboss'. I had never brewed any beer in my life and I am brewing some of the best beer I have ever drank."

 - Raymond M


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DO IT YOURSELF BREW-BOSS "BRAIN" KIT - Electric Brew Controller

For the Do-It-Yourselfer, purchase the "Brains" of the Brew-Boss controller. Add it to your existing electric brewery panel or start from scratch. A cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of the Brew-Boss system.

To use this kit you will need to supply your own wiring, solid state relays, water-tight cable glands, master power switch, and the control enclosure of your choosing. The black and red wires on the controller are for the heater and the green and black wires are for the pump. Both must be connected to solid state relays appropriately sized for the heater and pump wattage you will be controlling. An appropriate heat sink should be used as well.

We are offering this kit for those that already have created or want to create their own electric brewery control panels. No assistance will be provided by us in the design or implementation of the Brew-Boss controls other that support of the controller itself. Those purchasing this option should be familiar with high voltage wiring and control circuits.

Note: We no longer sell Android Tablets with our systems. You will need an Android Tablet to run the Brew-Boss app on. We recommend a 10.1" screen or larger. The app is not designed for phones.

Warning - Shock Hazard!
This is an all electric system. It eliminates the many dangers associated with gas fired systems, but working with electricity is dangerous. You can be seriously injured or worse die by electricity. This system requires that you provide a 240VAC 30 AMP circuit and the appropriate power plug. A ground fault interrupter is highly recommended. If you are not comfortable or not knowledgeable with electrical wiring please have a certified electrician wire your system.

*** By ordering this product, you accept all liabilities for any and all damages that may occur by your usage of this equipment. Further you agree to install all equipment in accordance with your local codes and regulations as required.

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Note: This is a new item and demand has been very high. Delivery could be 2-5 weeks after we receive your order. Please understand.

This stand is designed for the demanding homebrewer that wants the best at an introductory price of only $399! This industrial powder coated steel support stand has a 22 x 22" platform for your kettle to sit on. It is designed for Brew-Boss kettles ranging from 10 to 20 gallons. The platform is 12" from the floor, the perfect working height.

This custom designed stand also includes an integrated rotating hoist/boom support that allows you to use the optional lifting rope hoist we offer or upgrade to the optional electric winch mount that allows you to use the Harbor Freight style electric hoist. Of course you can supply your own lifting hoist as well. The innovative design allows you to remove your COFI filter, Brew-Basket, or Brew Bag easily and then rotate it away from the kettle to the side of the support and lower it into a waste can or plastic bin (neither included). The hoist arm is 96" high from the floor, so you will need to make certain you have adequate vertical space for this stand. It is possible to cut the vertical support for he boom shorter based on your needs, you just have to make certain you have enough lifting range to remove your COFI filer for your size kettle.

The cross member is proudly laser cut with the Brew-Boss logo and includes storage holes for your COFI input tube, COFI Lift Ring, and a Swirl-Boss! These items are not included and are shown to demonstrate where they go!

The stand includes an adjustable mounting plate for the Brew-Boss controller as well an adjustable swing arm mount for your tablet.

The Optional electric hoist mounting plate includes a custom bracket for the electric hoist, cable pulleys for the boom to route the cable through the boom, and all required fasteners as well.

This stand is heavy and does not qualify for free shipping! The stand ships in two boxes, each about 60 pounds.

Please note that the photos show a complete Brew-Boss Brewing System with our controller, tablet, lifting rope, etc. installed to show how the stand is used. This listing is only for the stand and does not include the actual brew system or lift rope shown.

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Winning Beer Made on Brew Boss Pro 1BBL System

Carlisle brewer made it to final four in Des Moines Register's Beer Brackets

by Paige Godden

A Carlisle brewer made it into the final four of the Des Moines Register's 2018 Beer Brackets.

BackRoad Brewery's Sunny Daze, a lemon blonde ale, beat out 60 other breweries in the bracket challenge.

It was one of the smallest breweries nominated, and the smallest left in the final four, but Backroad's owner, Eric Moorman, said he believes his small-town friends helped propel him to near victory.

There are several places around Indianola you can give the beer a try, including The Zoo, The Local Vine and Hy-Vee Market Grille.

Moorman opened the BackRoad Brewery last year at 140 N. First St. in Carlisle. His brews are usually on tap at Back Alley Smokehouse in Carlisle, where beer-lovers can also buy a growler of BackRoad’s brews.

BackRoad is a nanobrewery, which means the beer is made in three barrels.

Each batch of beer equals about 35 gallons, and since the brewery operates on a smaller scale than most brewers it's easier to make sure the flavors are perfect.

The Marine Corps. veteran was able to open his shop with the help of Warren County Economic Development, which gave Moorman a $1,000 start-up grant through the Home Base Iowa program. The program aims to attract more veterans to the state.

Backroads was eliminated in a semi-final round at the Iowa Taproom March 23. You can vote on the two finalists, Bridge Road, a brown ale by Fenders Brewing, and a pilsner by West O Beer. Online voting closes Friday, March 28.

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