Thursday, December 14, 2017

Brew Boss - Electric Brew Controller

Brew Boss - Electric Brew Controller

Brew-Boss has specifically designed electric brew controller for Brew-Boss automatic beer brewing systems and conventional brewing machines. This is for those who want to build their own electric brewery or already have a gas based brewing system and wants to convert to the benefits of electric brewing. We want to help those esteemed do-it-yourselfer in developing an enhanced brewing system that bestows performance and quality at its peaks.

The Brew-Boss® Controller is completely electric, which eliminates the dangers and inconveniences of gas (propane) based systems. After all, electricity is also much more efficient and economical than propane. This system utilizes a microprocessor based control box that controls an electric heater element, a recirculation pump, and an optional Hops-Boss® automatic hops feeder. There’s a quick connect with the Wi-Fi enabled devices such android and iOS, helping in remote sensory and easier control of the operations. Whether you are close or far away from your homebrew system, you can maximize or minimize the temperate, change time setting, brewing schedules through mobile applications. It operates in a completely automatic mode, or can be operated in manual mode for those that want manual control over their brewing process. Your electric brew controller is completely digitalized!

The Brew-Boss® controller will also control 2 and 3 vessel systems as well as your electric RIMS or HERMS! Simply add prompts in your step definitions to tell you when to change temperature probes, heater element, or pump.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Brew Boss - FastFerment Single

Fast Ferment Single

Brew Boss FastFerment Single

We at Brew-Boss have tested these units and love them and use them ourselves! Our expensive stainless conical just sits there gathering dust. No secondary racking means that you eliminate that work and don't risk contamination in the process. You can also easily harvest the yeast and reuse! We love them and highly recommend them! This kit includes (1) FastFerment Fermenters for 5 gallon batches. Each FastFerment unit includes wall mount brackets as well. This item is for 1 single 

FastFermenter with the items listed below.

Why Use FastFerment?
  • Guaranteed Consistent Batches
  • Primary & Secondary Fermentation in the Same Container
  • No Transfers & No Racking - 80% Less Work
  • Better Quality Product with No Sediment Contamination
  • Increased Sanitation with Less Contamination
  • Less Oxygen Exposure
  • Ability to Harvest Yeast & Save $100s

  • Easy Cleaning and Batch Stirring - 6" (15cm) removable screw top
  • Total Capacity 7.9 US Gallons/ 30 Litres - Made for 5 Gallon batches with blow offs
  • Easy Wall Mounting System - Mounts to standard 16" (40cm) wall studs
  • 33% Bigger Valve for Increased Flow Rate - 1" (2.5cm) Bottom valve compared vs. 3/4" (2cm)
  • Collection Ball for Yeast Harvesting - Save $100's & harvest your Yeast Strains!
  • Temp. Monitoring Capabilities - ThermoWell included - Thermometer Available.

Kit Contents(1) 7.9 US Gallon / 30 Litre Conical Fermenter
(1) 6" (15cm) Screw Top, Grommet for Airlock
(1) Bottom Collection Ball For Harvesting Yeast
1" (2.5cm) Union Teflon Valve and fittings
(1) Wall Mounts (2), Mounting Bolts & Anchors (4)
(1) 1/2" (2cm) PVC Hose (4'/120cm) & Hose Clamp
(1) Permanent Thermowell for Temperature Monitoring

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Sanke Type D commercial keg coupler with ball lock posts. This allows you to connect your Fill-Boss to a standard Sanke style kef using the convenient ball lock quick disconnects on the coupler.

This set comes with the Sanke Type D coupler and one ball lock gas post and one ball lock liquid post. As you may not be aware, the post profile is slightly different between liquid and gas.

The image shows the set installed on a Sanke Coupler.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Brew Boss Tips and Tricks Video - Import BeerXML to Brew Boss

Video Demonstration on exporting BeerXML file from BeerSmith and Importing to the Brew-Boss App

The Brew-Boss® System is a great value and competitively priced.

Brew-Boss Features and Benefits
• Brew-Boss controller automates all temperature, timing, & pump control.
• Electronic process control provides consistent results batch after batch.
• Available with Mesh Bag or the New COFI Filter System
• User defined steps configurable to nearly any brew process.
• Brew all-grain batches in 3½ hours including clean-up!
• Complete systems and conversion kits available.
• Supports Conventional or Brew-in-a-Bag (BIAB) brewing methods.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Home Brew Recipe - Northeast IPA

Brew Boss - Electric Homebrew Systems

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Preconfigured Deluxe 15 Gallon 240 Volt Brew-Boss Electric Brewery System

 Preconfigured Deluxe 15 Gallon 240 Volt Brew-Boss Electric Brewery System

This item is for our 15 gallon Deluxe System that is configured with the most popular options. It includes the following items:
  • 240 Volt Brew-Boss Controller V2.0
  • 10" Android Tablet with the Latest Brew-Boss App Installed
  • Brew-Boss 4 Inch Digital Temperature Probe
  • Weldless Direct Contact Temperature Probe Kettle Mount
  • 15 Gallon Brew-Boss Kettle with Cover and Deluxe Accessory Port
  • Brew-Boss Exclusive 5500 Watt L6-30 Triclamp Stainlesss Steel Ripple Heating Element
  • 8 Foot L6-30 Extension Cord for Heater Element
  • Stainless Steel Mesh COFI Infusion Filter for 15 Gallon Brew-Boss Kettle
  • False Bottom for COFI Filter with Stainless Steel Center Infusion Tube
  • 24 Volt Brushless DC Brewery Grade Pump with Stainless Steel Pump Head
  • 90 Degree Barbed Elbow Threads Onto Center Infusion Tube
  • Stainless Steel Cam-Lock Fittings for All Hose Connections
  • Stainless Steel Flow Regulation Ball Valve (Gets Installed on Pump Discharge)
  • TriClamp Gaskets and Clamps
  • Stainless Steel Wing Nut Type Hose Clamps
  • 6' of Brewery Grade Silicone Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Lift Ring for COFI Filter
  • High Quality Teflon Pipe Thread Tape

The controller is supplied with 15 foot long 10 gauge cable for powering the unit with 240 Volts AC. The 240VAC power cable is supplied with a molded L6-30P twist lock plug. It is highly recommended that you install a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) type breaker on the circuit(s) you will be plugging the Brew-Boss into or use our inline GFI unit. If you need a plug other than the L6-30P provided, you may simply cut the supplied plug off and connect a plug that matches your outlet.

The controller requires a 220-240 Volt circuit of at least 30 Amps with a GFI breaker (or our inline GFI) installed to operate. The controller has a single 240 Volt L6-30R twist lock output plug that connects to a Brew-Boss Heater using the supplied L6-30 extension cord. A digital temperature probe is included with this controller. The controller is shipped with a L6-30R twist lock receptacle for a heater that mates to the Brew-Boss integrated elements. If you have a different heater, you can simply cut the end of the heater cable off and wire to your heater.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017


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10 Gallon Brew-Boss Kettle with Welded Tri-Clamp ferrules for the heaters and valve. This kettle includes three Tri-Clamp ferrules for the valve and dual heater assemblies. Also includes Cover, DELUXE Accessory Port, and Direct Contact Weldless Temperature Probe Mount.

Dia 350mm X H 420mm (13.75 in x 16.5 in) This is an optimum 1.2:1 ratio kettle!

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