Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Brew Boss Pro - Automated Electric Brewing Systems for Small Commercial Breweries


Automated Electric Brewing Systems for Small Commercial Breweries

Our success in the homebrew industry has allowed us to expand our product offerings into the commercial market. Our new Professional product line was designed from the ground up to withstand the rigors of daily use. Our new Brew-Boss Pro line is perfect for the Start-Up brewery as it is low cost and expandable but also fits a niche in established breweries for small batch production and pilot batch systems.

Industrial Quality Process Control
Brew-Boss Pro controllers are the only controllers on the market that allow you to define your process and save them by recipe. Direct export from BeerSmith software or any software that creates Beer XML files. The tablet based application talks you through the brew process and automates temperature control. Your temperatures are maitained with in 1 degree C. You get predicatable repeatable resutls batch after batch!

Pilot Batch Systems20 Gallon system provides the ability to make small (up to 15 gallon) batches for testing recipes or for smaller limted production batches

1 Barrel Production System

This system includes a 54 gallon kettle that allows batches up to 1 barrel in size. Perfect for nano and micro breweries and start-ups. Low cost Turn-key system can be duplicated for larger batches.

Fill-Boss Automatic Bottle Filler
Bottling product is critical to any nano or micro brewery. Brew-Boss provides the Fill-Boss automated counter pressure filling machine that makes bottling efficient and a cost far less than any competing machine on the market.

Your Beer, Your Way!  Brew Like a Boss!


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