Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Homebrew

What's could be better than your own Halloween homebrew? Brew your favorite beers with the EBIAB Brew Boss Electric brewing system!

We know you have many choices for electric brewing systems available to you and also know that after you evaluate all your options, you will find that no competing system is as affordable, versatile, expandable, or full featured. With Brew-Boss, you get more for less! Be careful of the new all-in one appliance type systems out there. They are very limiting in batch size and cost 2 to 3 times more than Brew-Boss. The Brew-Boss system fits the needs of first time brewers as well as experienced brewers.

• Electric Brewing Benefits:
  • - More economical - 1/5 the cost of propane
  • - Safer - No carbon monoxide or risk of explosion
  • - Efficient - 100% of BTUs transferred to wort
  • - Accurate - Holds temperatures +/- 1 degree
  • - Faster - 3½ hours for 10 gallon batch including clean-up
  • - Quiet - No obnoxious “roar” of the burner
  • - Convenient - Brew indoors in a sanitary environment

• Android / IOS Tablet applications provide:
  • - Simple - press “Start” and follow the prompts
  • - Convenient process monitoring and control
  • - Graphical Interface with Speech Prompts
  • - Saving and recalling brew steps & parameters
  • - Automatic or manual control

• Automatic Hops-Boss hops feeder option that dispenses hops automatically.

• All Food/Brewery Grade Components

• Great Value - Affordable

• First time home brewers can brew all grain perfectly the first time!

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